AAMUSTED Hall: secure accommodation with ease.

So you gained admission to your preferred university (AAMUSTED) and you are thinking of how to secure accommodation in the school Hall. This article will guide you on how to secure accommodation at AAMUSTED.

AAMUSTED residential accommodation features three main Halls of residence, namely Atwima Hall, Opoku Ware Hall and Autonomy Hall.

However, before we begin kindly note that all the three major Halls of residence practice IN-IN-OUT-OUT program. This program is facilitated to allow all level 100 students occupied the facility as freshmen and women. Students move out for the next level 100 applicants to occupy for the forthcoming academic school year.

Among all the three Hall of residence, Autonomy is the largest with accommodation space for 1000 and more students. Opoku ware hall followed second and Atwima hall followed as the third hall of residence as far as space is concerned.

How to secure accommodation at aamusted hall.

To secure accommodation at AAMUSTED Hall, applicants must follow the following steps.

  • Make payment of school fees.
  • Submit proof of school fees payment with a copy of admission letter to the school premises. specifically to the hall of affiliation.
  • After verification of applicant affiliation, a chit will issued to the applicant to payment of hall fees at the respective bank.
  • Applicant is required to submit a copy hall fees receipt obtained from the bank after payment and a copy of the chit issued by the hall administrator.
  • Remember to include a passport picture.
  • submit the hall fees receipt to the accountant to complete the process.

NOTE: The university currently offers only offline booking process.

Due to IN-IN-OUT-OUT program policy of the university,  fresh applicants  are required to travel  to the campus to book a place before it’s all occupied. It’s first come first serve booking process. Students are required to present their admission letter and a proof of school fees payment before allowed to book a room.

How much is aamusted hall fees?

The table below show the accommodation fees of AAMUSTED Hall of residents with room Type.

Atwima Hall4in1 room GHS1500.00
Autononmy Hall4in1 roomGHS1500.00
Opoku ware Hall4in1 roomGHS1500.00

However, students who prefer private hostels or secure a home rental spaces can browse the hostels below.

Hostel Accommodation at Aamusted (kumasi campus)

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