Frequent Ask Question.

use FAQ to get more information and service activities of our platform. 

What is hostelreserve.com?

Hostelreserve.com is a student booking accommodation platform where both students and non-students search and find a room for all their endeavours.

Do i pay extra money when the room chosen is full?

At hostelreserve.com our client welfare is our priority, therefore client whose room choice is full/occupied do not pay extra money to secure different room. we provide extra help to secure a room for you at no extra cost.

How do i know the current hostel price for the next academic year?

Hostel Reserve Ghana work extra hard to update all hostel prices on the platform. All prices on the platform reflect the hostel fees for various room types.

How do i book room on hostelreserve.com

Our platform make it easy to book room by just search, view and book room. with just three simple steps you will be able to book your room of choice.

How long do I get support?

Hostelreserve.com use both forum and a secure message system to assist client on any issue they encounter when securing a room.

Do you provide room booking service for a short duration?

At hostelreserve.com we provide both long and short hostel booking duration service. Just book or call our office line to secure your room.
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